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Everyone wants an antique bed right now as they've become increasingly popular as of late. They're chic; they're classic. And they're popular enough, that if you want to buy an antique bed you have a few options. There are plenty of original, rare antique beds out on the market right now, but the problem is that getting your modern mattress to fit an antique bed frame.

One: you can alter a restored full or three-quarter sized bed to fit your full, queen or king mattress. Usually this is done by just changing the rails on the frame. If you want to be more authentic, the original bed rails may be sized by a professional carpenter.

Two: you can purchase a reproduction of your favorite antique bed. Many artisans will build you a custom bed with all of your specifications met. This option can be fairly expensive, but worth it for the custom features and the sturdiness of new furniture. Pieces like this can be found at Overland Park Furniture Stores, as well as furniture stores in other cities.

Or three: find the perfect headboard and don't pay any attention to the size. Mount it to an existing frame, or hang it on the wall. It will give you a nice polished look, with all the charm of an antique, and the modern DIY feel.

Whichever option you choose for your antique bed, in your Kansas City Real Estate, Savannah home, or Phoenix abode, you're sure to find the perfect bed at eBay for a fraction of the cost of traditional antique dealers. And if antique beds are not your style, then consider checking out comparable vintage and Art Deco Furniture prices online.

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